Monday, May 21, 2012

Please, please, please!! Help me reach my goal for a trip to nationals!

Hey guys!

Next year at the end of January, my co-ed community service based fraternity is planning a trip to a National Convention. It will help me with workshops and community service based events. I desperately want to go. This trip will help me and my fraternity tremendously, they have community service based workshops, leadership development workshops, and numerous other workshops and events that would help me and my fraternity better our values and events that we hold for our community. I go to Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. Athens and the surrounding areas are one of the poorest regions in the country, and our fraternity helps out the region so much. We are involved in ATCO (which helps adults in the area with disabilities), Give Kids The World (a resort in Florida that is a free vacation for terminally ill children and their families), local schools, Good Earth Farms (a local farm that donates all of their produce to local food shelters) and so much more! The past two quarters I have logged 75 hours of community service alone. We are a tremendous help to our community and this convention will only help us help our community more! I really need help to make this happen, so please please send anything my way, even 1 dollar will help!!
A couple of bros helping out at ATCO bowling night.
Everyone has an amazing time!

In LFS (Leadership, Friendship, and Service, our principles)

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Thank You!!