Thursday, March 29, 2012

A to Z Challenge!

So there's this challenge for bloggers. It's called the A to Z Challenge. It's fairly simple, you write a blog post everyday in the month of April (except Sunday). The first post needs to have a topic that starts with the letter A, next day B, all the way to the last day of the month, Z! I'm kinda nervous about it because I have tried to brainstorm some ideas and I haven't gotten the full alphabet yet :/ but, I figured since I am new at the blogging scene I would try something new and get some ideas! I'm surprisingly excited about it!! and my birthday is tomorrow, so that could be it too :)

And here's the link to the challenge and rules!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Start of Spring Quarter!

Syllabus week, the most interesting week of the quarter. You go to class the first day, but you don't necessarily do anything. Yeah sure, you have some classes that quickly go over the syllabus and get right to business with a lecture and notes, but most go over the syllabus for 45 minutes and then do an icebreaker. Icebreakers are the worst, they are awkward and nobody wants to do them. It is obvious. When a teacher hands out a notecard and asks everyone to write 2 truths and 1 lie, you can see eyes stare out the window or down at cell phones. I understand teachers want students to get to know each other, but there is no way that will happen in one class over one icebreaker. Just ask general info and one interesting question and move on. Students always expect to get out early too. If a teacher starts with the syllabus and then moves to material, almost every students starts packing up at least 15 minutes before the class is supposed to end, if they haven't been let out already.

Sometimes I wish we could skip the first day of class and just start on the second or third day. I also love the first couple days of class because there is hardly any work and it is easy to get settled in! And another plus, it's SPRING QUARTER! I absolutely love spring quarter, the weather is nice, the campus is beautiful, and fests!! I won't get into too much detail for fests... but they are the best! You can ask any bobcat, they will all agree fests are always a good time. Even buckeyes are copying us ad trying to start their own fests (copycats!!)

I also can't wait for this weekend. It is my birthday and my sister's! She was born on my 3rd birthday... And she is coming down to celebrate!! I also found out that some friends and I are going to road trip to HIlton Head memorial day weekend!! Which means I need to get in bikini body shape! Which means salad and fruit for me!

Spring quarter got the best of Matt last year, let's hope it doesn't happen again! Hahah

Monday, March 26, 2012

Ombre Tank DIY: Tutorial

I have been obsessed with the ombre style recently, and since it has been getting warmer I figured why not make an ombre tank?! Good idea, right! Okay so here it is!

(I had to do a before and after :) )

You will need:

  • fabric dye
  • a plain white cotton tee shirt (I used a Hane's Men's large, so it would be long enough)
  • scissors

Fold the tee in half so the sleeves, neckline and ends line up. and mark where you want to cut. Cut the sleeve off and close to a v-neck neckline. Remember you can always cut off more later, so don't go crazy at first!

Unfold the shirt and look at your almost done tank! I pulled and rubbed along where I cut to make the cotton look more work, but that will also come with time! I also cut off the hem at the bottom, but you do not have to do this. Keep your sleeves!!

Cut a couple strips from the sleeves and use them to tie the back of the tank together. I had my sister try the tank on and tie them while she was wearing it so I got it right. Here's the finished tank!

Next is dying it! (My favorite) Prepare the dye according to the manufacturer's instructions, mine used about 4 cups of water, 4 tablespoons of salt and the dye. Dampen the fabric with warm water for the best dying. Put the tank on a hanger and dunk half into the dye. I held the bottom of the tank in the dye longer to get a gradient effect.

Squeeze out some of the extra dye starting at the middle of the tank (the top of where the dye is) and all the way to the bottom. Don't hate on my makeshift glove, haha!

I say almost because this was right after i dyed it! Let the tank sit until the dye dries (mine ended up being over night) and iron the dyed part so it sets. Wash in cold water and wear!

Have any questions, comment below and I hope you like it!

And thanks to Michael Maurer for taking photos for me!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Shopping and People Watching

Easton was awesome! Purchased some awesome clothes that I cannot wait to wear when I am back at school! One of my most surprising finds, a pair of flowy... puffy pants from H&M! Harem pants! My friend and I tried them on for fun, and I fell in love! They are so comfy and cute, perfect for going out. They could definitely be dressed up with heels or down with flip flops, but either way they are as comfy as PJ pants! I will definitely post a pic when I wear them, which will be soon.

I also found some essentials I needed, a new skirt and cute sunglasses that are baby blue and floral. I have to say my favorite part of the day was sitting by the fountain, outside in the sun. It was definitely a perfect day for a trip to Easton! walking outside was perfect! And the people watching was great. Maybe it's the COMS Major in me, but people watching is my absolute favorite! I love to see the way people interact and what it says about their personality. It's weird how much you can tell from how someone is sitting. I have to say, people watching at any amusement park is the best though. It's like all social rules go out the window! People wear what they want, yell at their kids and do not care what others think. I have had the best people watching moments at amusement parks by far! Amusement parks and Walmart, but it is more fun to go to an amusement park than Walmart. And luckily for us, they have their own webpage... People of Walmart where you can even buy the book. People watching has become so easy!

Well, I'm gonna keep this one short, and I'll post a picture of those pants.. Once I figure out how to work my mom's camera...

The Wand!

So I'm heading to Easton to day with some friends, and I decided to try out the new styling tool my mom got me as an early birthday present (March 30th ;) ). My friend at school Jane swears by it... the wand! It's like a curling iron but with no clamps. At first I was skeptical, how can it by any different than a regular curling iron?! But I have never seen my hair like this:

The wand is so much easier to control than a regular curling iron (for me). You start closer to the roots, which makes your curl easier to control and prettier! I ran my fingers through the finished style, I like the more natural look and don't mind the poof (most of the time).

It's so beautiful out I can't wait to walk around Easton and get some news ideas for outfits! I'll be sticking to my go to shops, Forever 21 and the less expensive stores. Broke college kid right hurrr! I'll post later about my hopefully amazing finds!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ready for SPRING!

I don't know if it's this weather or the fact that the stress of winter quarter is over but I am ready for spring quarter and spring. Because, not long after is summer! I think I'm also excited because I have been loving this year's spring fashion. From the high-low skirts, to the shoes, to the crazy shorts, and you can't forget the colors. Spring colors are my favorite! Pastels and brights, they are always so fun!

Being in Athens, it's easy to feel like you are in a secluded bubble and it's fairly easy to get behind on the trends. I am not going to let this happen this year! Luckily I have Pintrest this year (I know, I'm behind! One of those Athens things). Hopefully that will change everything, it has been very addicting so far.

I've also come across this song that screams summer fun! "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen. I caught a glimpse of an interview with her the other day on MTV or another channel like it. She has recently been signed by Justin Bieber's manager (bleh) but she hasn't been ruined by "Bieber fever" yet. She's a Canadian, just like Bieber, and I must say she is adorable! Girls crush to the max! Her style is so cute and her songs are so catchy and upbeat you can't help but sing along! Listen! I am obsessed.

I am excited to get back into the swing of things and hopefully blogging will become a part of my everyday life back at school! I can forget... a lot, one of my downfalls, but I like to think I've learned over the years... maybe a little (okay, I'm still working on it!)