Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Busy Busy Busy!!

I failed miserably at the A-Z blogging challenge! Opps!! Maybe next April I'll do better. I have been way too busy with school, APhiO, and now a job. That's right, I GOT A JOB! At Central Foods, and that means monay! I will try to blog more, but having school work, a job, and service it will definitely be a challenge. Which seems so unfair, because I along with so many other college students are being pulled in so many different directions it seems like there  is not enough time for the things we use to relax and enjoy. I cannot tell you the last time I read a book for fun, or caught up on pinterest. To get a job you need to go to college and have an impressive resume. To go to college you need money, to get money you need a job. To get an impressive resume you need to have extra activities and good grades. To have good grades you need to study and to balance this time with your job and extra activities! It's enough to make your head spin! Hopefully I will find the time!


  1. Yeah, well, I hate to tell you, but it doesn't ever really get better. Well, that's not necessarily true; if you don't get married and have kids, you could conceivably have plenty of free time some day.

  2. you need to have a rest