Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Wand!

So I'm heading to Easton to day with some friends, and I decided to try out the new styling tool my mom got me as an early birthday present (March 30th ;) ). My friend at school Jane swears by it... the wand! It's like a curling iron but with no clamps. At first I was skeptical, how can it by any different than a regular curling iron?! But I have never seen my hair like this:

The wand is so much easier to control than a regular curling iron (for me). You start closer to the roots, which makes your curl easier to control and prettier! I ran my fingers through the finished style, I like the more natural look and don't mind the poof (most of the time).

It's so beautiful out I can't wait to walk around Easton and get some news ideas for outfits! I'll be sticking to my go to shops, Forever 21 and the less expensive stores. Broke college kid right hurrr! I'll post later about my hopefully amazing finds!

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