Thursday, March 22, 2012

Shopping and People Watching

Easton was awesome! Purchased some awesome clothes that I cannot wait to wear when I am back at school! One of my most surprising finds, a pair of flowy... puffy pants from H&M! Harem pants! My friend and I tried them on for fun, and I fell in love! They are so comfy and cute, perfect for going out. They could definitely be dressed up with heels or down with flip flops, but either way they are as comfy as PJ pants! I will definitely post a pic when I wear them, which will be soon.

I also found some essentials I needed, a new skirt and cute sunglasses that are baby blue and floral. I have to say my favorite part of the day was sitting by the fountain, outside in the sun. It was definitely a perfect day for a trip to Easton! walking outside was perfect! And the people watching was great. Maybe it's the COMS Major in me, but people watching is my absolute favorite! I love to see the way people interact and what it says about their personality. It's weird how much you can tell from how someone is sitting. I have to say, people watching at any amusement park is the best though. It's like all social rules go out the window! People wear what they want, yell at their kids and do not care what others think. I have had the best people watching moments at amusement parks by far! Amusement parks and Walmart, but it is more fun to go to an amusement park than Walmart. And luckily for us, they have their own webpage... People of Walmart where you can even buy the book. People watching has become so easy!

Well, I'm gonna keep this one short, and I'll post a picture of those pants.. Once I figure out how to work my mom's camera...

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