Monday, May 21, 2012

Please, please, please!! Help me reach my goal for a trip to nationals!

Hey guys!

Next year at the end of January, my co-ed community service based fraternity is planning a trip to a National Convention. It will help me with workshops and community service based events. I desperately want to go. This trip will help me and my fraternity tremendously, they have community service based workshops, leadership development workshops, and numerous other workshops and events that would help me and my fraternity better our values and events that we hold for our community. I go to Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. Athens and the surrounding areas are one of the poorest regions in the country, and our fraternity helps out the region so much. We are involved in ATCO (which helps adults in the area with disabilities), Give Kids The World (a resort in Florida that is a free vacation for terminally ill children and their families), local schools, Good Earth Farms (a local farm that donates all of their produce to local food shelters) and so much more! The past two quarters I have logged 75 hours of community service alone. We are a tremendous help to our community and this convention will only help us help our community more! I really need help to make this happen, so please please send anything my way, even 1 dollar will help!!
A couple of bros helping out at ATCO bowling night.
Everyone has an amazing time!

In LFS (Leadership, Friendship, and Service, our principles)

If you want to donate, you can use the widget at the right,  or click here!

Thank You!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Busy Busy Busy!!

I failed miserably at the A-Z blogging challenge! Opps!! Maybe next April I'll do better. I have been way too busy with school, APhiO, and now a job. That's right, I GOT A JOB! At Central Foods, and that means monay! I will try to blog more, but having school work, a job, and service it will definitely be a challenge. Which seems so unfair, because I along with so many other college students are being pulled in so many different directions it seems like there  is not enough time for the things we use to relax and enjoy. I cannot tell you the last time I read a book for fun, or caught up on pinterest. To get a job you need to go to college and have an impressive resume. To go to college you need money, to get money you need a job. To get an impressive resume you need to have extra activities and good grades. To have good grades you need to study and to balance this time with your job and extra activities! It's enough to make your head spin! Hopefully I will find the time!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cupcakes and Delicious Foods!

So I am already missing days on this blogging challenge, so I'm doing a two-for today! I started weight watchers again last night, so hopefully things will be looking healthier and more point friendly around me, but that's not always the case. I stopped at one of the coffee places around campus today and I'm in line to get my green tea (healthy right?!) and I notice a cupcake starring right at me... And then i notice it is red velvet.... And then I see the chocolate croissant there, and the blueberry streusel muffin. And my mouth starts watering. At the meeting last night we talked about anchors, and having something that reminds you of your goals. This is the moment when I thought "I have about 9 weeks until memorial day weekend... and I need to look hot!" So I got my green tea and left. I am happy I was able to make this decision and so far it has been fairly easy... Let's hope it stays that way!!

I traded this:

For this:

Yayyyyy for healthy choices!!

Monday, April 2, 2012


Today, B is for buns! I am obsessed, wearing on right now actually, ballet buns, top knot, messy buns however you want to say it and however you want to wear it i love it! My favorite recently have been the top knots.

To get this look:
  • First, gather hair in a high ponytail on top of the head.
  • Tease the ponytail.
  • Twist hair slightly while forming the bun. 
  • Secure the bun with a ponytail and bobby pins.
  • Pull some loose strands to frame the face.
  • Hairspray, if needed.
This takes 15 minutes and is my go to look on mornings where I want to look put together, with little effort (so almost everyday!) I absolutely love this look and will probably do a more complete tutorial for you all when I have some more time.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Athens Happens

Today is the first day of the A to Z Challenge and I am already nervous for it, I almost forgot! It has been a hectic weekend though. My sister and her best friend came down to visit me here in Athens. And it was so much fun! We definitely bonded and had an amazing time. It made me think about school and my first experiences of college life. They had so many questions and were so unsure of the city and their surroundings. It made me remember my first month in Athens. And thinking back on it, I am so happy I made the decision that I did. I do not want to be anywhere else right now. Every decision I have made up to this point has helped me grow and learn so much. And I would not want to do it any other place than Athens, Ohio.

I remember my first week of classes in my COMS 110 class, which was Communication Between Cultures. It was one of my first COMS classes and my first week of college classes. I had no idea what I was doing. We were talking about the culture of Athens and an older guy in the class raises his hand and says "I love Athens so much, everyone is so nice, everyone has a beard and smokes. It's awesome." Of course the whole class starts laughing, but there was a lot of truth to what he said. Everyone is so nice in Athens. No one judges or cares what other weird things people do, because chances are they do weird things themselves. There are people unicycling up Jeff hill, walking around without shoes, walking on tight ropes, and playing humans vs. zombies. There's always something interesting going on in Athens, guaranteed!

Marching 110 Love!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

A to Z Challenge!

So there's this challenge for bloggers. It's called the A to Z Challenge. It's fairly simple, you write a blog post everyday in the month of April (except Sunday). The first post needs to have a topic that starts with the letter A, next day B, all the way to the last day of the month, Z! I'm kinda nervous about it because I have tried to brainstorm some ideas and I haven't gotten the full alphabet yet :/ but, I figured since I am new at the blogging scene I would try something new and get some ideas! I'm surprisingly excited about it!! and my birthday is tomorrow, so that could be it too :)

And here's the link to the challenge and rules!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Start of Spring Quarter!

Syllabus week, the most interesting week of the quarter. You go to class the first day, but you don't necessarily do anything. Yeah sure, you have some classes that quickly go over the syllabus and get right to business with a lecture and notes, but most go over the syllabus for 45 minutes and then do an icebreaker. Icebreakers are the worst, they are awkward and nobody wants to do them. It is obvious. When a teacher hands out a notecard and asks everyone to write 2 truths and 1 lie, you can see eyes stare out the window or down at cell phones. I understand teachers want students to get to know each other, but there is no way that will happen in one class over one icebreaker. Just ask general info and one interesting question and move on. Students always expect to get out early too. If a teacher starts with the syllabus and then moves to material, almost every students starts packing up at least 15 minutes before the class is supposed to end, if they haven't been let out already.

Sometimes I wish we could skip the first day of class and just start on the second or third day. I also love the first couple days of class because there is hardly any work and it is easy to get settled in! And another plus, it's SPRING QUARTER! I absolutely love spring quarter, the weather is nice, the campus is beautiful, and fests!! I won't get into too much detail for fests... but they are the best! You can ask any bobcat, they will all agree fests are always a good time. Even buckeyes are copying us ad trying to start their own fests (copycats!!)

I also can't wait for this weekend. It is my birthday and my sister's! She was born on my 3rd birthday... And she is coming down to celebrate!! I also found out that some friends and I are going to road trip to HIlton Head memorial day weekend!! Which means I need to get in bikini body shape! Which means salad and fruit for me!

Spring quarter got the best of Matt last year, let's hope it doesn't happen again! Hahah